Audio Booths, Mobile Audio Booths, Diagnostic Audio Meters, Tympanometers, Vision Screeners, Spirometry

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ACTS are suppliers of Occupational Health Monitoring Equipment including:

  • Audiometers
  • ACTS Audiometric Software
  • Mobile / Screening & Diagnostic Booths
  • Audiometric Training Courses ( Dept. of Labour accredited)
  • Spirometers
  • Vision Screeners


We offer a full range of screening and Diagnostic audiometers.  In addition we supply the ACTS Puretone Audiometric Software program for  use with the audiometers which comprise of all the necessary  hearing loss calculations as well as a comprehensive utility database for Hearing Conservation purposes.

Our instruments meet all International and South AfricanStandards and carry a full warranty.

Free on site training is provided on all instruments provided by ACTS on installation thereof.


ACTS also market both the Schiller and Koko Spirometers with its advanced software.  Training on the use of the spirometers and its software is provided on installation.  Both spirometers comply with the latest ATS/ERS and local SATS/SANS 451 standards.

Spirometer calibration checks are also performed at request from the clients as per recommendation.

Vision Screening

The latest development in visual screening and visual acuity is provided  via Fim Medical supplied and supported by ACTS.


Training course in
Industrial Audiometry & Hearing Assessment
Next Course Date: 20 - 24 Feb 2017

Vision Course - 23 Feb 2017

Accredited by the Department of Labour and the Health Professionals Counsil of South Africa

Bacterial Viral Filters

Acts supply high quality NeumoFilt Bacterail Viral Filters by M.R.D Medical research and development.